Heilige Pijl van Licht: A Vampire Girl Writing Prompt Exercise

You are hereby invited to add some of your secret, heady, intoxicating, erotic, not to say filthy, experiences to this novel and attribute them to Mayra or any other character in Vampire Girl. Please be specific and do not lapse into rapturous euphemisms.

Before I became a vampire, I had a penchant for dark erotica. For those who might not know there's more to dark erotica than bondage. I had tried my luck as a Domme to enjoy pleasure beyond my imagination and the written word. I had a fantasy in which I turned many hapless men into my vampire servants. Of course, at that time, the idea of actual blood on my mouth disgusted me so I turned these men into vampires by draining their bank accounts.

And it was so easy to get their money. Men begging to be loved. To be wanted. To be needed. Maybe, even begging to be owned!

Don’t you dare judge me reader. It takes two to tango. And those who participated in the dance, well, just like me, they hurt differently. They feel deeper and with more emotion than most. We suffer differently! We connect differently. We express ourselves differently. We love differently.

But once, I got lost in my own lack of inhibition. My world of no boundaries. My world of melting the minds of men. Well, reader, I was tricked. But not fatally so! No stake impaled my chest. Or should I say, the FBI never raided my home in response to my financial hustle.

I was tricked by a con man. The evilest of sorts! He feigned naivety. But he asked questions and gleaned answers that sucked a lock from out of me into himself. He sent me no money, despite my brilliant manipulations. And when I threatened to block him, he lectured me about dignity and that I needed to make better choices.

When it was over, I just let out a “hmm.”

I hate him.

My Van Helsing.


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