Given that exploitation, alienation, indifference, discrimination and disregard for non-

normative identities and worker/class issues are given space in this country to grow,

firm actions, not detached speculations are necessary. The texts of our writers and the work we provide for social justice organization as publicists are intended to empower the masses to become cognizant of their power (the many) and the vulnerability of abusers of power (the few). The GroundUp has been committed to leftist anti-oppressive journalism and publicity work

for social justice organizations since 2013.

We reject the class of journalism that serves as a mouthpiece for authority figures

and celebrates the current order. We do not aim for journalistic "balance" (which

does not equal accuracy); we are openly – and proudly on the revolutionary left. 

We are also the only leftist publication that strongly believes in the efficacy of community created violence against the state!