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  Starting Your Own Radical Blog

Radical journalism begins from the ground up. That means that you don't need a publication to tell you what you can or can't publish—you can start your own radical blog and begin developing a following today. You have thoughts, opinions, and a voice, and you can use it.

Find Your Venue

You can buy your own domain name and start a WordPress blog today. Alternatively, you can start posting your views and opinions on a site like Medium. You can send them into Huffington Post, or to a social justice-focused venue like The GroundUp. You can even consider starting a local online magazine with other like-minded people.

Start Speaking Your Story

If you want to get noticed, create a consistent schedule. Work with friends to get their stories told, too. Publish as much content as you can about injustice, difference, and inspiration. The louder you are, the better: Truly revolutionary social transformation can happen at neither a whisper nor a crawl.

Network With Other Blogs

Change doesn't happen in a vacuum. If you want to get your message out there and really be heard, networking can help. Publish guest posts on other blogs, send work into other publications, and even ask your local newspaper if you can have a column—it doesn't hurt to ask.

As mentioned, getting started in radical journalism can be a lot easier if you also publish materials on other community sites. The GroundUp is a revolutionary, leftist publication always looking for new voices in radical journalism. Contact us today if you have a story to tell.

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