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The GroundUp wants to share your story. We accept original content that is rooted in anti-oppressive, leftist politics. We read and review all submitted content and ask that you please respect our time and efforts by reviewing the following guidelines.

We only accept previously unpublished work. We do accept simultaneous submissions. It is your responsibility to tell us if your work has been accepted elsewhere; if so, please contact us immediately.


  • Please include AT LEAST one picture. Photos, tweets, and videos are strongly encouraged! Please wipe your meta (EXIF) data.

  • Please, fact check your piece.

You can remove METADATA with this.

You can remove, strip, or clear HTML or other FORMATING with this.

Form Checklist:

  • Examples of contributions are editorials, first-hand accounts, analyses, critiques, report backs, interviews, documentaries, original research, essays, fiction and poetry (we have a Submittable specifically for fiction and poetry as well), photography, etc.

  • Please spell and grammar check articles and be intentional with HTML formatting.

  • Don’t incriminate

Send To:

info [at] thegrounduppublication [dot] com

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