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Social Justice Action

  Social Justice That Fights Till The End

At The Ground Up, we believe in radical, revolutionary movement. We don't believe in being balanced. Rather, we believe that social change has to grow from the root up. When it comes to content, that means that we need to strip away a lot of the boundaries that are often seen in many systems.

Media as a Driving Force for Social Justice in Action

Today, there is an order to things: a class system that is driving the suffering of the many at the hands of the few. This status quo cannot be allowed to remain. Media serves to illuminate and educate, and for social justice action, it has to be clear and material in nature. Media cannot become a navel-gazing exercise or a philosophical debate. Rather, it needs to lead to direct and decisive action.

Empowering the Masses Against Oppression

The GroundUp has been dedicated to empowering the worker class since 2013. When dealing with social justice action, it's critical that we first focus on educating and inspiring the masses to rise up against those who are oppressing them. Social justice in action is about giving people the tools they need to rise up.

The power that the privileged classes wield over the masses is one that is given to them, through the established social structure—and its power that can be taken away. But this can only happen through cooperation and communication. The better educated and the more empowered the masses are, the better equipped they will be to take action against the current social order.

Those who want to fight for social justice and an end to inequality need to be prepared to be courageous and loud. This is the only way that their message will be heard, and the only way that messages can turn into action.

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