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The History Of The GroundUp

The Roots Of The GroundUp Are Tied To The Student Collective Aggie Solidarity

The Golden Age 


This world can feel like a trap. It is run by capitalist corporations and it poisons almost everything beautiful. But resistance to this poison is a feeling shared in many hearts. The student collective Aggie Solidarity at New Mexico State University created the first iteration of The GroundUp, an independent left-wing publication existing from 2013-2015, with the aim of being “a ruthless criticism of everything existing.” Its name parodied the university-sanctioned student newspaper, the NMSU Round Up. It published seven print issues and other content on its website.

Click here to read more about the history of NMSU underground publishing. 


In 2017 The GroundUp was revived as an online publication with a primary function of advancing The Council and its efforts to persuade then chancellor caruthers to make NMSU a sanctuary school. He did not budge. 

At this point The GroundUp was at a crossroads. Continue working within a system that damages dignity or make radical change.

Click here to explore the old digital TGU

The GroundUp leaves NMSU 

The GroundUp in late 2017 expanded its scope from the university limits. The publication at once became more extremist and expansive in the subject matter it published. 


The GroundUp as cultural enquiry

In early 2022 The GroundUp became a member of the Community of Literary Magazines & Presses. It still publishes extremist leftist takes but it devotes deep care to advancing literature in all its forms as well. 

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