Social Justice Online

  Promoting Social Justice Online With Social Media

Social media can feel like a trap. It is run by capitalist corporations and it us used to advertise and analyze, social media is one of the tools of oppression. But because it is used by the greater portion of the population, social media is also an opportunity to enact change. Social media can be an ideal place to try to spread and promote social justice and social journalism.

Work Together

Social media can be an excellent tool for organization. It's been used against oppressive regimes when those regimes have done things such as black out news media. But in order to work together you need to connect with and foster a community. Find those who believe in what you do, work together, and coordinate. Always be looking for opportunities to make a difference.

Don't fall into the trap of endless complaining, or attempting to work within a system that already damages you. At a certain point, radical change becomes the only option.

Beware the "Echo Chamber"

The "echo chamber" isn't what you might think it is. Conservatives and liberals will talk about the "echo chamber" as reinforcing one's ideas by spending too much time with people who already believe them. But in reality, the "echo chamber" describes what social media does to isolate social groups with other like-minded people, so that people have a "better experience." A better experience does what? Gets people to interact more and see more ads.

Because of this "echo chamber" effect, it can be hard to get through to those who disagree with you. A concerted effort has to be made to look for individuals who are on the wrong side of change and the wrong side of history.

Promoting social justice online is rarely easy, and there will always be those that fight it. But there are also communities that can provide support. Contact The GroundUp today if you want to get started.