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Five Ways To Practice Anarchy And Socialism

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Remember that laws are created by the ruling class and for far too long it has only been acceptable for the ruling class to commit robbery and theft. Corporations have long taken our pensions, our benefits and mostly our labor/time. They give us crumbs as pay and we give away the best hours and days of our lives to enrich them. We encourage you to consider how reappropriating materials can enrich your life and your community. We encourage you to think of how you can create your own justice!

1. Reappropriating materials can be called a lot of things. We recommend finding the beautiful undertones in the Liftblr community on Tumblr. Lifting items is an art. You can lift an item and pay for lunch and leave a nice tip for the severely underpaid service worker. You can lift an item and give it to the deserving people who need it. Imagine an unhoused friend who needs toothpaste, hygiene products, razor blades, t-shirts or even booze. Take and redistribute not because it’s what Robinhood would do but because compassion is radical and sexy and giving to your community is too!

2. How to work against the corporate class. Damage! They only speak one language – money! So, take it from them. Reappropriate materials from them. For example, use their restroom to restock toiletries such as toilet paper and paper towels. Damage their products, their property and enjoy the heat of their property as it is consumed by cocktails of the Molotov variety.

3. Be social! You can prepare for socialism by taking resources you have and helping others. You personally can help by giving and helping someone in need. You can organize to help a new family in the neighborhood get a backyard garden going! You can take the unhoused clothes and food weekly. You could do a lot if you looked for people to help instead of things to complain about.

4. Teach others about free resources. Not everyone has the same information as you do, not everyone speaks the same language that you do and not everyone knows where to look to find the answers like you do. If you know something beneficial share the information to help others. Each one, teach one. Show your neighbors how to get free food resources in their neighborhood. Teach your fellow neighbors about free legal aid for tenants, teach others on how to reappropriate resources and teach about the joy of taking from the pocket of the feudal class.

5. Be revolutionary. Being revolutionary isn’t just hashtags and social media posts and likes. Being revolutionary is about teaching radical compassion to others, it’s about reappropriating resources, it’s about being social, it’s about learning to ask how to help, it’s about being just, it’s about growing your own food/fuel/medicine, it’s about being different and appreciating others who are too, it’s about being armed with knowledge, self-defense techniques and a firearm for when the oppressors push back. This is revolutionary. Be that!

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