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Wax Figure

Ani Bachan is a Toronto-based student and occasional writer. She has been published in Inlandia's Online Journal, The Showbear Family Circus, F3LL Magazine, and Phantom Kangaroo.

SUDDENLY i am a childless ewe with a running breast–

my body knows something i cannot

if you look at a white light and let your eyes go limp

the room will become a perfect bedsheet

if you look at a white wall and let your tongue soften

you will start to cry

if you look under the covers for a haircut

you will find it.

i am still looking for my child

i wet the cradle myself

i change the sheets into a white wall

i hold a tapeworm to my chest and let it suckle

like God, it lives inside me

oh God, i keep it like a needle in my lips

i know where i left it, i don’t know who put it there

i know who put it there but i LOVE my neighbour. i love her so much i’m mending her clothes.


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