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Irish poet, doctoral candidate, and journalist, Oisín Breen, a Best of the Net and Erbacce Prize nominee, is published in 107 journals in 21 countries, including in Agenda, North Dakota Quarterly, Books Ireland, About Place, Door is a Jar, Northern Gravy, Decomp, and The Tahoma Literary Review. Breen’s widely reviewed and heavily praised second collection, Lilies on the Deathbed of Étaín will be rereleased by Downingfield later this Summer.

on stony floors, of terracotta hue, as the tallow bleeds in spines of white light, the crook-necked pores of our pressed skin shiver – just fire contorting – like a sinusoid, in the window pane, of the garden we lovingly tend, and the present stains our black-est bread, and breasts blossom, where stone heads easily demur, and long waves of horsewater grasp, neck -ing, like children do, here, where each child is a collusion of ivory and mottled grins, standing bizarre-ly between circadian leaps that test the wood holding up the mattress, its down-feathers long since pulled for food by children, like us, who jostle for seed, their skin a matted, glossy, shade of green, and the winter sun, beats, but its mercy is recorded only in laughter-lines, and the stillness of still-born gulls, their pleasing demeanour signifying this new empire built on the number eight, and instead of breath, there is only the fray, inoculated against credulity: the cusp of quieted dreams.


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