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Muckraker Series: Domestic Worker Abuse & Wage Theft In Nassau County New York (Part 2)

The GroundUp presents this update to the domestic worker struggle in Great Neck to clarify that the issues of labor trafficking and abuse in this community are far from resolved but there have been important developments towards the elimination of the oppressions in this labor environment. Share the story so that those experiencing these gross violations of dignity are further supported! Help eliminate human trafficking.

Our outreach efforts began with communication to various unions and organizations concerned with domestic workers. Domestic Workers United (DWU) were the most proactive in their response to our outreach and they connected us with an Assistant united states Attorney.

The attorney informed us that Haya’s & Ronas Agency operations are not only problematic in the sense of traditional labor violations like wage theft but they are severe enough when the laborers in-home treatment is factored in to warrant the possibility of the business to be practicing human rights violations in the form of human trafficking (specifically in the form of labor trafficking and domestic servitude).

In order for the Assistant Attorney to commence the investigation process more data pertaining to workers of Haya’s & Ronas Agency was needed. Our contact from the first part of this series, Erick Alexander, who still has very limited contact with his girlfriend whose phone access is restricted in her employment and domestic servitude, has provided us invaluable data and stories from women suffering in homes under contract with the noted agency.

Through the use of Erick Alexander’s data we were able to convince the attorney to commence the investigation process outreach with authorities capable of tackling the violence of labor trafficking in a strategic and forceful manner.

The war is far from over but allies have been recruited and we will not stop until our enemies have been crushed!


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