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Percy Bysshe Shelley Remembered Poetry Contest Winner: Mary’s Creature Speaks

Olivia Stogner is a poet, novelist, playwright, and English professor. She has published two novels. Her writing has been been published by DoveTales—Writing for Peace, Sonnets for Shakespeare, HerStry, Audience Askew, Wild Roof Journal, Haunted Waters Press, among others.

She's been working on sonnets for several years (she's written over 140). She recently recently read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, a gift from a sister, and the two began learning more about her.

Mary’s Creature Speaks

I came to you from earth’s dark mountain heart, And never had I seen the sun before; But you made me to force my eyes apart, And give me lips from which I might implore: And without sound I learned to speak to you. I told you when my limbs began the aching. I called to you, you’d cut, and brought me through, And both of us were there at that birth-making. Your searching hands have given me my form, And I have given form unto your blood. Though in your spirit there will be a storm, Give to me as I ask—outlast the flood. And they may say that you have sutured me, But we will know we made each other be.

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