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Poems By Abbie Hart

Abbie Hart has been published over 30 times, in magazines like the Hiram Poetry Review, BRIDGE, and SAND, and was previously a semifinalist for the Houston Youth Poet Laureate.


i wander to work drop-jawed and cold

and come back drop-jawed and colder

it is difficult to trust old men when you

bartend as they tend to shit themselves

which is never particularly fun

especially when you are going to bed

in a state that is 1820 miles from home

and you’ve just witnessed bare ass  bare ass

human feces

on the fucking floor.

roadkill hour

text my mom even though i probably shouldn’t

makes me think too much

and she sends me videos of a possum eating

as if i am not right here.

her very own possum

as if i have not been playing dead the whole time

waiting for the exact moment

to appear in the center of the road

and finally get my wish.


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